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”NJAA Annual Members Only Messier Marathon”

Starts Friday evening March 24th at 7:00PM.

Weather Alert !

The weather forecasts for tomorrow night have been consistent for quite a while now. Even if its not completely overcast, which is likely, the transparency will be bad, which is quite frustrating for a messier marathon. A final determination will be made tomorrow morning and this website will be updated at noon with regards to canceling the Marathon and rescheduling as a Star Party at a later time.

Come out and try to bag all the Messier objects in a single night!

All are welcome, any skill level. All types of equipment from binoculars to dobs to go-tos to NJAA's 26-inch!

It will take all night, dusk till dawn, to see the most Messier objects, but you can stay for just the beginning, up to the ~2 AM break, or until morning twilight.

The observatory will be open all night for coffee, resting, naps, and to get warm.

Of course you can just wing it, but to see the most objects it would be best to do some studying first. is an excellent resource to get yourself ready. 

Below are 3 PDF resources that you can click to download.

1. Messier Marathon Complete List
2. Messier Marathon Mini Early Bird List
3. Messier Marathon Binocular List

They are the recommended search sequence from Don Machholz's "Messier Marathon Observers Guide", as well as other Messier lists; pick the one that suits you most to bring to the marathon.

Bob has used the spiral bound "Messier Marathon Observers Guide" since NJAA's first marathon in 1995. If you can still get it, he highly recommends it. In any case, there are lots of tips (Dress warmly! Make sure all your equipment is working!) and also alternative search sequences on the web site above. It is a wealth of information.


Clear skies, 

Bob Cava
Dave Nelson
Liz Seibel