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"2017 NJAA “Spring Fling”


Because our Messier Marathon was clouded out (again!) this year, we would like to try for a “Spring Fling” club observing night instead,

The location will be up at the NJAA observatory at a future date to be determined.

All are welcome! At any skill level! And with any type of equipment, from binoculars to GoTos to using NJAA's 26-inch! You can bring your own equipment or latch on to someone who is doing it with their equipment.

The idea will be to try for a “half marathon” (of the Messier objects), or to just observe informally together from the same list. Our observing list is almost exclusively messier objects, and you can stick to only those, but a sprinkling of other objects is also on the list (see pdf file below)

The observatory will be open during the fling for coffee, the rest rooms, naps, and to get warm.

Of course you can just wing it, but to see the most objects on our mostly messier observing list, it may be best to do some studying first. Here is an excellent resource on the Messier objects to get yourself ready:

There are lots of tips (dress warmly! Make sure all your equipment is working!) and also alternative search sequences on the web site above. It is a wealth of information.

Below are 4 PDF resources that you can click to download:

1. NJAA observing list 2017 spring fling
2. Messier Marathon Complete List
3. Messier Marathon Mini Early Bird List
4. Messier Marathon Binocular List

See you there!

Bob Cava
Dave Nelson
Liz Seibel